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Nov 11, 2018
My name is cody and I have 16 hours on this game rising by the minute because im almost on all day I love this game because the weird talks and getting people banned because that is the best feeling a person to get. The reason I want admin is because like i said i only play this game and i have a lot of fun but somtimes there is prop pushers, shaks, toxicity etc with admin i want to stop them.

We have built a community no other game has, like the conversations you wouldn't have on a game like CS:GO the game is good but they dont have a community like flood, and before this community goes down i want to stop the people trying to ruine this game for others

This game has a good amount of people on but today was the first day ive seen a admin in years, which isnt a good or bad thing it just means everone has left to play better games because there a few admins to stop the trolls. I think that opening up the staff applications was a wonderful idea.

Your In-Game Name: slingtheking

Age: 13

Steam profile: slingtheking

SteamID (

Do you have a microphone?: * yes

Country:* america

How long have you been with SS? 3 or 4 years
Have you ever been an admin before, if so please specify where? I have on different games like rust

How many hours per week on average will you be online and around what time and which timezone propbably like 2-3 hours a day
If another Admin recommended you state their name here: no

Why do you want to become an admin? because i love to help community out also i put a lot of reasons on the top of the page

- slingtheking AKA: cody
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