Seen a lot more ppl on recently so y not and summer is almost here. (admin app)

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Aug 20, 2018
Texas, United States
Your In-Game Name: Rain/The Chosen One

Age: 13

Steam profile:

SteamID ( STEAM_0:0:176984653

Do you have a microphone?: Yes

Country: U.S.A

How long have you been with SS? Since about late 2014-2015. I can't really remember since I was very young then but I know it was around there. On the forums however, I've only been on here since late August of last year.
Have you ever been an admin before, if so please specify where? I was "admin" on S.S. I was also an admin on a Dark RP server that was called Crypto Gaming that shutdown and I've also been admin on a couple of sandbox servers.

How many hours per week on average will you be online and around what time and which timezone?
I'll probably average around 2-3 hours a day on weekdays and on weekends around 3-5 hours. Times may vary though since im in school and homework exists so yeah.
If another Admin recommended you state their name here: Prob not

Why do you want to become an admin? First off i'd like to say that every experience on your server has been one of the greatest times of my life and this community and this server has been so important to me these last couple of years and I would like to thank all the people involved in making this place a reality. Anyway, into why I would like to be an admin. I know I can be a little bit annoying or sometimes be a little bit irresponsible, but that's just perks of being young. I know once I become older, I will be a lot more mature. I may say or do things I don't really mean to say or do but don't let this change how you think about me.
I know what this server is capable of doing in the future and I would love to see it succeed as it was practically my childhood playground. I made a ton of cool new friends and had a great time while I was there as well. Although there is some really good things about this server, there are some major issues that I would like to address. One thing I would like to address is that lack of staff on these last couple of weeks. We have been receiving a larger player base over this last month and the server population has skyrocketed yet there was no one to manage those players. The only true admins I see online are Doki and Therm, otherwise admins are practically non-existent.
Also, I would like to see this server thrive in the future and become they way it used to be again. I remember when I first started playing there was a full server almost every day. Also the community was much more active and positive than it is now. This server to me is like an old home that has had no owner. There may be vines growing on the outside, but I can see the potential through those vines. This server has taught me to keep trying no matter how hard the task may be and always pursue your dream, because you may be there some day, you just don't know when.

Summer is almost here boiz. Also turned 13 like a month ago so thats fun. Also have matured quite a bit (thx puberty).
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Jun 2, 2015
Naturally I would -1 right here and now just because you tried out for a moderator status as soon as you came back, with how short our attention spans have become, I'm sure you will get bored of this one day or another soon enough, but that is a subject for another day, another place.

I am willing to give you a chance and I encourage others to do so too. The server isn't the same anymore, no more are there countless players that could be replaced if discarded.
What this servers needs the most right now is an active playerbase or better yet.. a loyal user.
As OP said, there aren't enough active admins, not ever since everyone just stopped playing or moved on... @Thermalisation is the real true admin, yes, but even he can only spare so much time.
I believe it is time to let the younger audience in.. frankly said, I am sick and tired of this infinite loophole that is this forum - the same people that don't bother to even hop on the server once in a while are the same people who downvote these apps. Honestly, what are you afraid of anyways? The server is at its lowest right now and the only way is up.

Feel free to disagree and share your opinion as well.

Tho don't let this get to your head OP, if you were to join the moderator ranks, you won't be exactly turning dirt into diamond here, far from it actually.

That's all, thank you for reading. +1
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