Mod Application

Oct 30, 2015
Your In-Game Name: EzRa.

Age: 16

Steam profile:

SteamID ( STEAM_0:0:101791385

Do you have a microphone?: Yes.

Country: Australia.

How long have you been with SS: Ive been with SS for 5 years or longer.

Have you ever been an admin before, if so please specify where?: Yes in Playbox deathrun. Sadly got closed down.

How many hours per week on average will you be online and around what time and which timezone: I would be on probably 1-5 Hours a week and usually around 3pm-9pm and the timezone would be AEST.

If another Admin recommended you state their name here:

Why do you want to become an admin: I want to become a admin because i feel like im fitted for it and i just want to be able to monitor and make sure people are following the rules and also to meet new people and help them out if needed.
i will do my job properly and report anything i see on the forums and will not break the rules as i never have and will not abuse my power. From day one of playing sharpshooter flood it was a dream to become a admin or higher and realised that vip/vip+ was a thing and bought it straight away.

Thanks For Taking The Time To Read My Mod Application.
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Loose Cannon
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Oct 3, 2015
I think we need new active mods, although I've never seen you in-game. Up the Aussies!
((Sorry if this is too late to vote))
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