Misha's Application

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Dec 4, 2014
Russia, Moskva
Your In-Game Name: Misha

Age: 19 wait fuck im 20

Steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/MisakawaMisakawa/

SteamID (steamidfinder.com): STEAM_0:1:21913016

Do you have a microphone?: Yes

Country: Israel

How long have you been with SS? 8 years ago i was the ss

Have you ever been an admin before, if so please specify where? Nope.avi

How many hours per week on average will you be online and around what time and which timezone? only on weekends like 10 minutes idk im the army rn

Why do you want to become an admin?

-I would like to be an assistant because there are very few overseers for the EU servers. Only one mod is currently active on the EU server and it is a huge mess most of the time. I really want to help keep the EU servers in good condition so that SSG has a good rep on the EU side. It's honestly troll after troll, and reporting is just a slow process and is only making a small impact on the player base and I see person after person leave because they can't stand all the prop pushing and sharking. The EU servers need immediate attention if SS wants to keep its player base there or even expand. It gets to a point where reporting is not enough unfortunately.

-I'd also like to add that I speak fluent Russian and Ukrainian and most of the population on EU is Russian, so there is no language barrier, warnings and teaching people the rules is still an option for me with this skill set. Calming down Russians has also been a small skill of mine, difficult but not impossible.

-Please seriously consider my application, EU has a large player base and is growing immensely. I think I would be perfect for this position with my ambition and my skill sets. Thank you for taking the time to read my application, honest feedback is much appreciated.

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Mar 20, 2016
+1 fine chad. He's been here for a while and overall is a very knowledgeable person. I think he would be a perfect candidate to represent the community and its endeavors


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Feb 3, 2012
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