Mind Games

To the community of SSG.

My name is Mind Games as you can see and I've spent many a hour in my life learning, designing, creating in different aspects of code and third party programs. I've played on the flood server when it came out and stayed for about four to five months and suddenly stopped and went on my own separate way. To those of you who have remembered me that is great news and I'm glad to see you still around here, for the ones who do not know me I'll tell you a little about me. I became an administrator by paying my way in which I was not comfortable doing since I admired the thought of earning administration via trust. I became friends with some coders who influenced me into learning a very large set of languages and programs and I'm thankful for them otherwise I'd almost be no use like I used to. I'm glad to be back again and I look forward to playing with you all in the servers. If you'd like to discuss more with me I'd be happy to, add me on steam and I will answer any questions you feel the need to ask.

All the best,

Mind Games


Sorry for the slow reply. I'll forward your message now.
Edit: Wasn't aware you'd already contacted sno. Disregard that then.


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Jun 2, 2015
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what has to go through a human's brain to for no reason at all, register on a forum, manage to dig up an ancient thread from 2012 and post a shitty lithuanian pirated cs 1.6 download link. My country is the platform for evolution, still playing 2010 games.