FrenchToast's Owner Application

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Jun 13, 2015
Middle of Africa
JK lol pranked its an Admin app.

Hello Fellow Flood Homeboys!

Who is this nerd?
You may not know me, or maybe you do hell if I know. but I am a long-time VIP+ of the SSS flood servers. I played actively back a while ago for a very long time and only stopped because of a PC meltdown. I am back now with a new PC and am ready to come back to flood. I started back in 2015 and was active untill a few months ago for reasons stated above.

I am friends with Thermalization, Klock who are trusted admins. Sno himself may remember me, not sure tho. (they may or may not recommend me lol)

Angel should also remember me.

About the nerd?
As I previously stated I am a regular of the server who had to take a break due to a PC malfunction. I know and recognize many of the regulars from back in the day and that can validate my regularity. I am a very fun and easy-going person who can take a joke and dish some out. If needed I can be serious and can perform my duties (if i get accepted)

I have been a Superadmin on a TTT server for the past 2 years but the server has recently been closed due to it needing to be remade. I can get you contact with the owner/owners if necessary.


Never been banned or in trouble on the server. Have reported people and gotten bans for disobeying rules.

Reason for wanting Staff Position?
I feel like I could add a lot to the server as a staff member. I would be a very active staff member and would not use power in any negative way. I can assist in server operations and help protect the server I have played on for ~3 years. This may seem like a general reason but there is not much specificity to it, I have played on the server for a while and I want to help out.

If you don't know me, then friend me or check if I am online and get to know me a lil. if you do, or support my app please put an upvote. Thanks!
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