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Feb 3, 2012
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Your expected behavior is not limited to the rules below. Use common sense: When in doubt if something you are doing might be against the rules, it could very well be. If you have any doubt, contact a staff member.

  1. This is an English speaking forum, please refrain from using other languages.
  2. Do not post anything which is inappropriate in a friendly community setting.
  3. Respect other members, be polite and courteous.
  4. Do not reply to threads unless you have something to add to the discussion.
  5. Additionally, replying to discussions which have been inactive for several months or longer should be avoided
  6. Avoid consecutive posting, edit your original post if possible.
  7. Use the correct forum and category for your posts.
  8. Use normal formatting, this means do not overuse font sizes, colors, etc.
  9. One account per person, do not create multiple forum accounts.
  10. Do not advertise, sell or trade any products or services in our community. This includes advertisement of other communities.
  11. No posting illegal material (hacks, warez, porn, etc)
  12. No backseat moderating, use the report feature.
  13. Always stay on topic

We prohibit any content that:
  1. Is defamatory, abusive, hateful, excessive, threatening or insulting.
  2. Is likely to offend with no intention of having a constructive discussion.
  3. Is spam or spam-like content.
  4. Contains explicit, gore, adult or pornographic material.
  5. Contains personal information of other people or yourself.
  6. Infringes on others intellectual property rights including copyright.
  7. Violates or encourages violations of the law.

Remember: Use the report feature or contact an Admin.
Not open for further replies.