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Feb 3, 2012
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Follow these rules no matter what forum section

1. Admin's word is law.
2. Use the correct forum and category for your posts.
3. This is an English speaking forum, please refrain from using other languages.
4. Treat others properly, be polite and courteous.
5. Use normal text, this means do not use large fonts or colored fonts for no reason or to spam.
6. No low content or otherwise worthless posts.
7. If the last post in a topic was over 3 months ago, then the topic is considered "dead" and should not be posted in.
8. Use the edit button instead of posting twice in a row.
9. Use common sense.
10. Stay on topic in each thread (No digressing).
11. One account per person, do not create multiple forum accounts (You will be caught and you will be banned).
12. Do not ask for forum admin.
13. No posting links to illegal material (Hacks, warez files, porn)
14. Refrain from advertising products, free gifts, servers. (Refer to rule #1, if we find the post in question to be unharmful or at no ones risk, then we will leave it as-is.)
15. No backseat moderating.

If any of the above are violated, warning points will be applied on your account, followed by a notification.
If a total of 5 warning points are active at once then you will face a forum ban for a half month or more depending on the case.

-See more about the Warning System here.


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Feb 4, 2012
3/24/17 Rule Update

Threads are not considered dead until 3 months of no posts now due to low forum activity. This doesn't mean go post on everything from 3 months to current though. Only if there is a significant contribution to the thread should it be revived.
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