Commander Synths admin application!

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Apr 11, 2013
In-Game Name: ???Commander Synth

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:35590799

Age: 13

How long have you been on Sharp Shooter?

Around 7-8 months in Garrysmod 12.

Have you ever been an admin before?

Indeed i have, I'm owner on my server |PG|Phantomgaming For more info my website I'm also co-owner on my friends server Aka, clue gaming.

Why do you think you should be on the Sharpshooter staff team?

Because i'm very productive and i do great with Lua. I have noticed as well that there are many many noobs that have no experience in flood. i'm very humble and i love to help those players out.

How many hours per day on average will you be online and around what time and which timezone?

On Monday-Thursdays i play 3-5 hours. on Friday-Sunday i play 6-7 hours. North American Eastern Time Zone

Are you vac banned?

Never was a hacker and never will be.

Do you use the microphone?


If you think someone is hacking on the server, what should you do with the situation?

Well if some player Has a shitload of money there obviously there a hacker. But first of all i would inform Sno instead of handling the situation my self.

What will you do as an admin to help SS become a better and safe community?

I would obviously use my powers for good instead of evil. i would use my power to help the SS community grow and also make SS a friendly community for all Garrysmod players.

What is your reason for becoming admin?

When i first get on SS i see no admin or VIP+ is on. I get really frustrated how there are people sharking, prop pushing, and are constantly annoying people. I'm the kind of person who takes care of those things. I have a good experience in being and admin.I'm very kind to players and love to help new players and introduce them to the SS community. Honestly i can get very angry at most players. I give players many chances before giving them a punishment. also my goal is to help the SS community grow.


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Feb 4, 2012
-1 you posted this right when you got over the post limit, didn't keep posting. Or as it seems posted it before.


lol didnt really get the whole "hacking part" but yes, you would make a great addition to the staff team. +1
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