Can there be a command that resets your account, to not be bored with all weps?

Flavored Chips

Champagne Papi
Staff member
Apr 5, 2014
Chicago Suburbs
And the point of this is to?
When I get all the weps, I feel like I might get bored, so I would want to restart. Could Sno add in a command to reset your account?
Anyways, feel like this could be used to mess with people, and it's pretty useless. I'd doubt you, or many people, would like to restart everything.
Apr 2, 2014
United Kingdom
A save feature would be nice to give more experienced players the opportunity to have a fresh start again while maintaining their account with all their money, weapons and dupes. But considering how difficult it might be to add in this feature and not a lot of people would be using it, I doubt it is necessary to be added.