Blaze The Kat's Staff Application.

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Nov 15, 2015
Oklahoma, United States of America
Your In-Game Name: * Blaze The Kat

Age: * Seventeen.

Steam profile: *

SteamID ( * STEAM_0:0:31451303
Do you have a microphone?: * Yes.

Country:* United States.

How long have you been with SS?
** I have been with SS for three years in total. I first logged in during the summer of 2014 and have played a total of 96 hours on the server since. While it makes little difference, I would like to note that I have also purchased VIP+ and have never been disciplined for misconduct during my time here.

Have you ever been an admin before, if so please specify where? *
I have been an administrator on several of my own personally hosted servers, as well as PowerEclipse HL2 RP. I have also administrated for servers on other games such as Minecraft.

How many hours per week on average will you be online and around what time and which timezone?
* 3-6 hours on any day of the week, U.S Central Timezone. I can be online for a maximum of six hours at a time usually, unless my schedule permits otherwise.

If another Admin recommended you state their name here: * An admin did not recommend me, but a VIP+ by the name of Shiny recommended that I create an application.

Why do you want to become an admin? **
I feel that as a member of the server's staff, I would bring unbiased and open minded judgement in the majority of situations that may arise on the server. I am patient, level headed, and unlikely to turn a blind eye to misconduct regardless of rank or personal affiliation. I would like to become an administrator for the good of the server and the dedicated users who play on it. That is all.
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