Ban Appeal Rules

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Feb 3, 2012
All standard forum rules apply along with those listed below.

To view the forum rules CLICK HERE

If you have an issue with a Staff member report it here and not in your appeal.

Ban Appeal Rules
  • Unless you are a Staff member, you have created the ban appeal, or you are directly involved, do not post in the thread.
  • Do not disrespect or belittle any admins in your appeal, doing so will result in an instant denial.
  • Do not bump your appeal by replying in the thread, only post in a reponse to a staff member's message.
  • Do not contact any Staff member to ask about your ban appeal.
  • If your ban appeal is denied you can re-apply in 2 weeks from the time of your denial.
Failure to follow the rules will result in the standard forum punishments being issued along with it negativly impacting your ban appeal.
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