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    Mod Applcation

    lol no.
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    Life is soup. I am chop sticks.

    Life is soup. I am chop sticks.
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    oi i want me forum admin oi

    oi i want me forum admin oi
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    Flood_3 - Suggestions

    Flood is the ultimate battle royal hands down. I'd like to see some more interesting props to work with along with some wiremod tools, also some nice cosmetics.
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    This is wacky

    This is wacky
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    Misha's Application

    -1 didn't let me join the cool club :( But I'll have to give you a +2 since you confused me on my app So that leaves you with a +1 good luck.
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    Rejected Ban Appeal

    Well you shouldn't be racist at all times... Also wrong section buddy
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    Co-Owner's Birthday!

    Happy Birthday.
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    Tyrael's Assistant Application

    +1 Take my spot.
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    Assistant App -Tact

    +1 He lost weight. Good application, can handle being an assistant/
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    Thermalisation Moderator app

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    Australian Flood server online

    Oh my 400 ping..
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    Flood stat tracking suggestions

    You can't track how much players you have killed since you don't kill any one. And you can't track points that were sold since its just giving points.
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    TTT Coming shortly, what gamemode next?