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  1. King Trip

    Teamspeak 3

    Ohhh fancy. Me gusta.
  2. King Trip


    This may be a shock, but it actually Zaps you and immobilizes you for a short period of time. Basically what a real Taser does.
  3. King Trip

    Approved STEAM_0:0:58453400 StreenG

    Banned for 3 days. Prop Block. Thank you for the report.
  4. King Trip

    Approved Derp Derp *Player Disrespect*

    It doesn't matter that you've been here for 3 years. Disrespect is disrespect. You don't get special treatment for being here longer than other people. You broke the rules, and you suffer the consquences. You should be mature wheather you are a VIP or not. Being a cocky d-bag after beating...
  5. King Trip

    Approved Adrenaline Propblock

    Banned for a day. Thank you for the report. People need to understand the risks of catapults and they're prop block potential. It's really annoying.
  6. King Trip

    Co-Owner's Birthday!

    Merry Birthday!
  7. King Trip

    Tyrael's Assistant Application

    -1 Again too soon, you are my friend on the server but I agree with Angel above.
  8. King Trip

    Pictures WANTED!

    I'm sorry ;-;
  9. King Trip

    Pictures WANTED!

    One: Two: Three: Best Photos Ever :P
  10. King Trip

    Pictures WANTED!

    I took a bunch but never put them here lmao. I forgot about this.
  11. King Trip

    Stitch's Assistant Application!

    Last time I saw you in game was like a week ago you had 2 days play time, in my eyes that is less than qualified. I don't think 2 days is long enough to fully understand how the server functions. Your decently active on the fourms but I feel you need quite a bit more time before getting this...
  12. King Trip

    Oh hello! I didn't see you there...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Hello fellow brony! jk ;) Welcome to the community.
  13. King Trip

    Magtheridon's Assistant Application

    -1 It's too soon, if you had applied in a later date my decision might have been different.
  14. King Trip

    iShin! Assistant

    -1 You haven't been here nearly long enough. You're cool in game, this is WAY too soon.
  15. King Trip

    Approved Ikimer Prop-Pushing, sad that I am reporting so often.

    3 day ban, prop pushing. Thank you for reporting.
  16. King Trip

    Approved Is this allowed on SS?

    That's generally not allowed.. that's what we call disrespect, it's taken pretty seriously, and if you are asking if that is allowed I think you should review the MOTD and rules again. If this isn't a report idk why you are putting his steam ID. Plus it would be easier to send an admin a message...
  17. King Trip


    Lol welcome back.
  18. King Trip

    Hello Forum Lurkers

    Welcome back to the fourms, already had the pleasure of playing with you in game.
  19. King Trip

    Approved Prop Pusher and Sharker

    Ok, finally some good evidence lol, thank you for the report banned for 3 days Prop Pushing/Sharking
  20. King Trip

    Anybody Think That Bathtubs should float on SS: Flood?

    Wtf, did you google that? Lmfao, I am officially done with you and your science posts. "According to my calculations *snort* the total area of the circumference of the diameter of a squarectantriangle is approximatley 13.37420 square root of pie which adds up to 69.999 total centimeters in the...