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  1. Sno

    Guess i broke the steam login the other day, woops!

    Guess i broke the steam login the other day, woops!
  2. Sno

    Forum Rules

    Your expected behavior is not limited to the rules below. Use common sense: When in doubt if something you are doing might be against the rules, it could very well be. If you have any doubt, contact a staff member. This is an English speaking forum, please refrain from using other languages...
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    Upcoming forum updates

    Planned VIP Features for the forums Custom profile Images GIF/WEBM Avatars Planned Public Features for the forums and website Integrations with Giphy, Spotify and Discord New donation, server and player pages Server info on front page Push Notifications Shoutbox Reactions
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    Flood_3 - Suggestions

    I can confirm that saved dupes have been removed for Flood_3. However the tool will exist to help speed up the building process, you just won't be able to load or save anything.
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    Updated the forum rules

    Updated the forum rules
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    Misha's Application

    Those rules aren't 100% correct anymore, we'll evaluate each app on a case by case basis now.
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    Flood_3 - Suggestions

    Hello! Development of Flood_3 is about to resume. What would you like to see? What do you want the most? Serious post only please! Thanks! Better late than never
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    Misha's Application

    Um... our EU server hasn't been running for a long time. I'm very confused.
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    Hai ^.^

    I post a kitty picture and everyone copies me, my kitten is still the cutest! his name is goo-chi. Hehe.
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    Hai ^.^

    Hello! Welcome, i must now share a kitty picture. Enjoy your stay, hope you have fun here!
  13. Sno

    Rejected Thermalisation not doing anything about speed hackers/ false voteban

    He was trying to get the hackers ID, you're not supposed to voteban while a admin is on as well. You votebanned the wrong guy, and he votebanned you back, i guess you should be more careful. -Denied
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    Grand Theft Auto: 5 PC

    True but not everyone is that smart hehe.
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    Grand Theft Auto: 5 PC

    I can't tell if you want in or not from your post, all you said is that you own it... haha.
  16. Sno

    Slow down

    Hey guys, i just wanna let you know in advanced that there might not be many or any updates for awhile, until further notice, due to some things happening in my life, sorry guys.
  17. Sno

    Grand Theft Auto: 5 PC

    Hey guys, as some of you may know, GTA: 5 is released on PC next month (If not delayed again!) I already own it, and i would like to do heist and play online with some of you guys, if you wanna join in and play together, just post and i'll add you to the list. The current crew: @Sno @Bnm850...
  18. Sno

    Teamspeak 3

    About time that i setup a teamspeak server. Good work on setting up the channels for me @Heartless
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    Yeah if you have epilepsy, you shouldn't really be playing games like garry's mod as it is too risky And yes as other said, it works like a taser should.
  20. Sno

    Rejected Ban Appeal

    -Resolved, as katey said, it's already reduced. I looked at your ban and it shows only two days or so, you can wait as you did break the rules after all.