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  1. Klock

    Approved Sanic Propblocking And trolling

    My SteamID or name; Klock Reason; Propblock Extra: When I pointed out propblock They said I had Autism And Never moved the boat SteamID of person; STEAM_0:1:82038753 Proof:
  2. Klock

    Rejected Propblock cslashrocks

    Thanks, This is my first time reporting some one so sorry if i've messed up the format and ill make sure to aim at the top prop next time.
  3. Klock

    Rejected Propblock cslashrocks

    Him Doing it again
  4. Klock

    Rejected Propblock cslashrocks

    My SteamID or name; Klock STEAM_0:1:54667192 SteamID of person; STEAM_0:0:44370685 Reason; Propblock And Shark Proof; Random was a witness his steam id STEAM_0:1:58885626