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    miss you all

    miss you all
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    Mod Applcation

    -1 didnt play league with us
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    Flood_3 - Suggestions

    More barrels of course ;) Id just say more new props proper balance of items, u already got new weapons and stuff the ui looked good to me ummmmm please dont increase building time id die ;9 just my opinion on it, more cosmetic items for weapons/player models/and props would be neat and our new...
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    Misha's Application

    +1 cause misha is a win
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    Hai ^.^

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    Hai ^.^

    lol he looks so done WITH YOU SHIT x0
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    Admin Application Sasuke サスケ

    you buds need to read the rules you both dont meet the requirements
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    Mikupies admin apply

    you buds need to read the rules you both dont meet the requirements
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    Hai ^.^

    welcome bud here is a barrel
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    Slow down

    thats fine bud take all the time you need <3
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    Grand Theft Auto: 5 PC

    me as well
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    Approved Illegal teams

    Ill deal with it when I get off of work unless someone else does it before then, thank you sir. Edit:Ok done banned for 2 days each thanks again
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    Teamspeak 3

    thanks buds yall keep up the good work
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    Flood 2 - v2.3.1