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    League of Legends!

    Dota 2 masterrace
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    Oh hello! I didn't see you there...( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Hey :^) Welcome.
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    Free VIP Giveaway! (Upcoming Event)

    Does this only include players on the server or does it give VIP to anyone who has ever played on the servers? e: because I have an alt account that would be awkward if it received VIP lol.
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    Holiday events, Future updates

    I know when I have been outdone. Scotland is chilly, but never -40 :D edit: But then again I went to Canada a few years ago and wore sandals and shorts. I DON'T EVEN OWN SHORTS, I HAD TO BUY THEM You don't have it all bad >:c
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    Holiday events, Future updates

    In Scotland I have never heard the phrase "it's too hot today". :D
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    Approved Report|Prop pushing

    Banned for 2 weeks.
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    Rejected Reynaldo Player Complaint

    Please ignore this ban thread and refer to for judgement. Both ban reports are for the same incident and I will deal with them in that thread.
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    Rejected __FatalBound™ spawning useless props that are propblocking

    I'm going to go and check the logs and if it turns out that FatalBound spawned in his prop first I am going to ban both you and reynaldo for lying, disrespect and prop blocking. I get the feeling from reading these two ban reports (yours and FatalBounds) that it is you two in the wrong. However...
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    King Trips Assistant Application.

    +1, just needs to learn to keep his temper sometimes
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    Is this "Survey" Legit?

    No, you have adware installed on your computer. GL deinfecting it. Stop downloading stupid shit.
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    SuperduperJordan's Application.

    +1 Same reasoning as my last vote for him, saw his actions ingame. gl
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    Approved Report|Prop pushing

    Banned for 7 days. Thanks for reporting.
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    Flood 2 - v2.2.9

    I knew I saved up 33,500 points for something :D edit: Haha, these ghosts are dumb as fuck :D edit2: Really spooky map though, great job!
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    Rejected SomeDragonPerson Report

    What exactly is wrong in the picture you provided? You are not blocked or caged.
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    Rejected Abuse by cowsonice

    I was not there, nor am I involved in this case. However, just to verify - are you are aware that as long as a boat does not have a boat above or below it it is fine to place it? If this was the case here ignore me.