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    Hai ^.^

    hello there welcome =)
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    Co-Owner's Birthday!

    happy birthday Heartless! I wish you a very good day =)
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    League of Legends!

    hehe, still trying to get better :d
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    Rejected Unban appeal

    Which is precisely and most likely your problem.
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    League of Legends!

    And I personally hate Anivia solely because of that reason. bitches think i got my name from anivia D:
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    League of Legends!

    Which server do you play on and what is your favorite lane and champs? Feel free to post your lolking page as well. I play on EUW and mid. I like Lux, Veigar, Varus and Zed which I'm trying out. :p Hoping to establish some random custom game later...
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    Marilyn's Assistant Application

    I'll trust some of the staff's judgements and your lack of general server-ban history. :) +1 from me somehow lol'd xd
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    If you could visit one place on earth?

    been there in my 18th birthday, totally worth it(never tried any psychedelics before, but the weed was superb). also i'd like to visit NY! :)
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    Approved Angry Berb Leader™ (AKA King Trip) & Squeezed Melons.

    I hope you both learned your lessons. :D Good thing reporting it, Jordon, despite some inappropriate behavior towards another player. And for King Trip, I hope you've learned to not do this anymore. Have fun in game!
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    Sno's upcoming computer build

    oh my, that is one beast of a computer snow + crystal = systal
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    New/Updated admin ranks

    Better. :)
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    §§™ sudo Bacon's Admin Application

    +1 because bacon
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    New chat!

    love it
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    +1 from avi
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    Approved BIll reporting .

    Thanks, that's a reasonable reduceed ban. I know Bill and he's a good regular player, never breaks rules deliberately as far as I know him. EDIT: wrong Bill, my bad