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We have a new default theme now!
There are also other changes and features being worked on for both the site and servers.

Hope you all enjoy the updated forums! and for those of you new here, welcome!

(For those of you who like the old theme, you can select it from the bottom left of the site)
Got a surprise for you all today...
We will start beta testing the new flood map (fm_buildaboat_abandoned) this week!

And here are some high resolution teasers for everybody
CLICK to open full resolution screenshot (NOTE: THEY ARE 15MB EACH)...
Hey y'all, We have been using this theme since we switched the forums over to xenforo back in January 2013.

It's been almost 3 years since then! (We are an old community!) and i've been thinking it's time for some fresh paint on the website... a new theme.

The old theme wont go anywhere, you will still be able to select it from the bottom left, but if we do buy this new theme it will become the default.

And last but not least, here is the demo for the new theme:...
Wanted to update you all on our progress.
I am beginning work on the next major flood update which will include most of your suggestions thus far.

Please post your suggestions for the next updates here

So far the new update will consist of the following...

Round Stats