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Our Administration has implemented new and more friendly rank names that will also prevent any kind of confussion coming from new members. Those ranks will reflect both on the servers and forums.

Donator - This person donated for the Supporter, VIP, or VIP+ server rank.

Moderator - The individuals with this rank can reply to reports / appeals, enforce forum rules and moderate the server....
Happy new year everyone!
Thank you all for being part of the community, had a blast with you all this year.

We will continue to grow and expand in 2016, hope you all stick around!
The 2015 Halloween event has finally started!
Collect candies and unlock rewards!

Type !halloween in chat to unlock your rewards
Halloween and Christmas models are now available

Event ends in two weeks.

Update: Map release is now delayed for some extra work on both the servers and map.

The new flood map is out now!

Check out the beautiful map in our flood #2 server...