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Happy Holidays, hope you all had a great 2018!

Anyone excited for the new year?
Since the discord server is pretty much dead and never used I have revamped the discord server a bit. This is also a chance for us to advertise the discord server on the forums since previously the link wasn't posted anywhere so I will be linking the discord server down below. I am still making changes and it is a sort of work in progress. I would appreciate suggestions for the server and possible improvements to the design or theme.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/vn5EhFE
As promised i'll be showing my progress as we get closer to alpha for staff testing.

Official full launch is currently planned for January. this will include a new refreshed website as well.
Greetings flooders.

It's been awhile since our last announcement, so i wanted to give an update on the current happenings in Sharp Shooters Gaming.

Work is on-going with our new flood gamemode officially named Flood_3.
We will be having a closed alpha test in October with open beta a bit later. I will be opening another thread showing my progress.

Also we will be having a number of giveaways with steam wallet codes for the release of Flood_3.

For those wondering about staff...