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The 2015 Halloween event has finally started!
Collect candies and unlock rewards!

Type !halloween in chat to unlock your rewards
Halloween and Christmas models are now available

Event ends in two weeks.

The new flood map is out now!

Check out the beautiful map in our flood #2 server...

We have a new default theme now!
There are also other changes and features being worked on for both the site and servers.

Hope you all enjoy the updated forums! and for those of you new here, welcome!

(For those of you who like the old theme, you can select it from the bottom left of the site)
Got a surprise for you all today...
We will start beta testing the new flood map (fm_buildaboat_abandoned) this week!

And here are some high resolution teasers for everybody
CLICK to open full resolution screenshot (NOTE: THEY ARE 15MB EACH)...